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Spearhead DHP219 – 170 X 90 aluminium

The DHP219 spearhead is a very popular design of fence finial.It looks great on any heritage fence or gate,however looks great on any style of fence or gate.



Spearhead DHP220 – 165 X 100 aluminium

The DHP220 spearhead is a medium size casting measuring 165 x 100 and looks good on heritage style fencing and standard domestic gates and fences


$5.98 plus gst


165 x 100

Spearhead DHP309 – non rust aluminium

This is a popular heritage spear that can be used on heritage properties as well as new gates and fences.

This spearhead is an old Heritage Style seen on many old wrought iron gates and fences.Its a popular design used on new heritage gates and fences

Steel Baluster DHP3-11 – mild steel weldable baluster

The 3-11 baluster is forged from one piece of round bar,45mm with a round central boss and tapered both ends to around 10mm

The steel baluster 3-11 is a popular steel baluster.It is mild steel and easily welded to steel handrails