Discount Hardware Products is an Australian owned company manufacturing and distributing a range of Australian Made and Imported Victorian and Federation hardware products including Chatterton Lacework products…

Fencing components

Discount Hardware Products manufacture an extensive range of gate and fence components including our range of heavy duty weldable ball bearing hinges including weld-on hinges, bolt-on hinges, heavy duty butt hinges and our spring and non spring Smart Hinges..

Other fencing components include a range of steel and aluminium,fence brackets These include the new adjusta adjustable bracket,,dlatches,gate locks,spearheads and decorative wrought iron products  .

Lacework and Lion Posts

Lion posts and post capitals

Discount Hardware Products also offer a large range of Victorian and Federation post capitals to enhance that elegant fence post or gatepost and the traditional Victorian gate post commonly referred to as a Lion Post. These lion posts are ideal for the reproduction of an authentic fence on a Victorian or Federation house.

Fencing accessories and aluminium post caps

Discount Hardware Products also manufacture a large range of aluminium,steel,and heavy duty plastic fencing accessories.  .

Aluminium post caps, steel post caps, plastic post caps and a range of steel fencing components, plus our all – new aluminium post support. This aluminium post support will support a 50mm and a 65mm square post. An extensive range of steel picket fence products and aluminium picket fence products to fit 3 sizes of steel or aluminium are available.